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Create a culture of belonging with great employee onboarding

Designing remote onboarding experiences can be difficult. The Wisq platform helps employees improve social well-being by enabling them to connect, share and build relationships at work from Day One.

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Turn your workspace into a happy place

Build a culture people love

With open and invite-only groups, teams can connect around topics silly or serious. Create communities and ERGs around shared interests, values, identities, and backgrounds while providing critical support and resources.

Engage everyone, everywhere

No matter how your team is organized or how your company grows, Wisq can scale with you. Our AI engine suggests connections, and our platform supports the unlimited combinations of interests, topics and groups that naturally emerge.

Promote belonging from day one to one thousand

New hire features allow you to quickly connect with coworkers. Find recommended groups to join, introductions and virtual coffee chats with tenured employees.

“Onboarding a new job remotely is tough, especially when connecting with my coworkers and making friends at work are so important to me. When I saw Torch had partnered with Wisq, I immediately signed up to find connections through shared interests and to bond on a human level at work.”
Customer Success Manager, Tech Company
“I’ve had so many days where I look up from my computer and think “I wish I had someone to talk to about things outside of what I’m doing at work”. Wisq makes me feel connected to my co-workers in a way I haven’t felt in a while.”
Sales Development, Tech Company
“Our team was looking for a way to recreate in-person water cooler conversation and casual, fun moments of socialization, and through Wisq, we’re meeting this need and getting to know colleagues across teams, departments and time zones like never before.”
Richard Deal
Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, FICO
“Wisq helps us to bring the amazing and unique stories of all our great employees together to build a stronger foundation for our culture and our individual and collective success.”
Amy Lavoie
VP of People Success, Torch

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