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Make Remote Work Actually Work

47% of workers have felt isolated since people started working remotely on a more regular basis. Wisq makes it possible for people to build and foster workplace connections - from wherever they work.

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“Employees have more flexibility than ever before, but remote and hybrid work has led to a disconnect in the workplace experience. We saw in our own team that there was a human element missing that chat and video tools couldn’t fix.

Our investment in Wisq is really an investment into our employees. With Wisq, they have the ability to connect, and build relationships and community authentically.”

- Cameron Yarbrough, CEO of Torch


Connect your colleagues and engage communities.

Wisq's platform empowers employees to strengthen relationships with coworkers by providing a distinct space for social connection. Research shows that employee social connection can:

  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Drive cross-team collaboration
  • Improve workplace performance
  • Reduce unwanted attrition
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Build a thriving culture.

Create water cooler moments. Lounges provide a real-time connection for impromptu catch-ups, virtual events, lunch breaks, happy hours, and ERG meetups.

Make it easy for your employees to find community and support with open and invite-only groups around shared interests while providing critical support and resources.


Belonging from day one to one thousand.

Coffee Chats enable 1-1 connection for new hires and other teammates, facilitating introductions and conversations across departments and time zones. Lively conversations are sparked in the feed through the crafted serendipity of smart prompts & nudges.

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Wisq users have half the likelihood of regrettable attrition.

Wisq Customer Research, October 2022

Users are 27% more likely to report confidence in leadership after using the Wisq platform.

Wisq Customer Research, October 2022

Users are 20% more likely to report increased collaboration after using the Wisq platform.

Wisq Customer Research, October 2022

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