Webinar Replay: Culture, Connection and Belonging in the New World of Work

Watch a talk from Mike Dolen, VP Strategy and People Science, Wisq, on the future of employee experience
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With fewer opportunities for spontaneous socialization and organic connection, employees are feeling increasingly isolated, company culture at numerous organizations has eroded significantly, and sense of belonging has been impacted. The employee experience suffers as a result.

Why work relationships matter

Strong cultures, effective collaboration, and meaningful levels of belonging all rely on trustworthy relationships. In today’s world of work, how can HR facilitate the strengthening of culture, deepen a sense of belonging, reinforce a people-first mentality, and build trust through meaningful relationships? 

Mike Dolen, VP Strategy and People Science, Wisq, recently shared a talk on culture, connection and belonging for HR.com's virtual summit, "The State of Human Experience in the Workplace."

Watch the full session.

For more information on the importance of connection at work, download Wisq's new research report, produced in partnership with HR.com. 

The report, "The State of Human Experience in the Workplace 2023,” uncovers the top 5 things employees say positively impact their experience at work. (Friendships at work took the top spot.)

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