Webinar Replay: Maximize ERG Potential

Learn how to build sustainable employee resource groups and avoid barriers to success
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Employee resource groups or ERGs can enhance workplace diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Studies show a correlation between ERG activity and improved DEI metrics, and companies leading diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging with initiatives like ERGs are more likely to outperform on profitability. According to the World Economic Forum, companies leading with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are 25%-36% more likely to outperform on profitability.

Learn how to set ERGs up for success by offering them support from strategic design to execution. Watch "Designing Safe Spaces | A Discussion on Supporting Sustainable, Empowered ERGs," a roundtable with leading DEIB experts.

Meet the panelists

Scott Domann, Chief People Officer, Calm

Gena Cox, Ph. D., Inclusion Strategist and CEO, Feels Human

Mike Dolen, Head of Strategy and People Science, Wisq

Learn how you can create a safe space for ERGs to drive organizational success. Download our eBook, Creating Safe Spaces: 5 Ways to Support Employee Resource Groups.

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