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Every great company leader thinks about employee engagement – how to enable their people to be successful, to thrive, and to contribute to the organization.

Happy employees do everything better. 

They’re more highly motivated, they’re more creative, they have lower absenteeism rates, they have better relationships with their peers, and they’re more likely to stay at your company.

Decades of data prove that almost every business metric performs better when employees are happier. And Belonging is one of the most critical components of being a happy employee. There's no better time to take a closer look at Happiness at work.

"An immediate add for me on my podcast list. Jim Barnett is an A+ leader. His leadership capacity is matched only by his genuineness and friendliness. Will be impossible for this podcast not to be good." - Doug Trout, Managing Director, DRiWaterstone Human Capital

Join Wisq CEO Jim Barnett for "Happy Here," a new podcast all about helping people be happy at work.

"It makes me so happy to hear all these familiar voices, and to see Jim in his element with this podcast topic!" - Catie Farrow Neuwirth, Chief Storyteller, Consultant

Jim will speak with HR thought leaders around the world about culture, belonging and connection at work, and employee engagement.

Join us as we dive into current trends, challenges, and best practices for helping people be happy at work.

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