Video: Meet Wisq, a Space for Life at Work

We've gained a lot from distributed work. But we're missing a lot, too. Wisq makes human connection at work—the sharing, quick meet-ups, weekend debriefs—possible again.
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It’s time to bring connection back to the workplace.

We've gained a lot from distributed work: greater autonomy and independence, more flexibility, and a diversity of colleagues across time zones. But we’ve lost something too. Wisq is making those human interactions — the sharing, the connections, the quick meet-ups, the weekend debriefs — possible again.

Wisq is a space for people to connect on a deep level with their co-workers, to share their lives, to build meaningful relationships, and to learn and grow together. It's a space for life at work that helps companies of all sizes create thriving work cultures, improve employee engagement, reduce attrition, and boost workplace productivity.

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