We’re Opening Our Doors. Meet Wisq Plus and Wisq Free

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Tell your team: Wisq is opening up access to our platform!

Wisq was built on the belief that coworkers should be able to get to know each other in a fun, casual space dedicated to connection. When you connect with your coworkers, you’re more likely to feel happy at work.

Research shows happier employees are not only less likely to leave a company, but also healthier, have lower rates of absenteeism, are highly motivated to succeed and have better relationships with their peers. Productivity apps don’t offer people a clear path to connect, and they’re built to serve deadlines and efficiency, not connection.

A distinct space for social connection, separate from where work gets done, can deepen ties, enrich relationships and support a sense of belonging, community and happiness.

Wisq makes it possible for people to connect on a deeper level with co-workers, share their lives, and build meaningful relationships.

A space for life at work, for everybody

Earlier this year, we introduced Wisq. We talked about how work became transactional, and how the lost warmth, camaraderie, support, mentorship, community, and serendipity came at a cost to great culture and ultimately, company success. Wisq was founded to provide a space for warmth and relationships, where people can connect on a deep level with their co-workers, to share their lives, to build meaningful relationships, and to learn and grow together.

And now, we’re taking a step forward to help small teams and teams up to 500 employees get to know each other better.

We’re excited to share two new plans that will help more people foster personal connections and belonging at their companies, in addition to the current Wisq Enterprise plan for teams of more than 500.

  • Wisq Free – Designed for core groups just getting started, this no-cost offering supports a single administrator and up to 50 team members with unlimited groups, posts and messages. This option is ideally suited for small companies or divisions of larger employers that would like to try Wisq before a broader deployment.

  • Wisq Plus – For growing teams that want more functionality, this option supports up to five administrators and teams of up to 500 people while offering more robust administrative tools and reporting at a cost of $5 per individual each month.

We’re thrilled to introduce more people to Wisq, and we can’t wait to see how your teams and companies use it.

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