Supercharge manager success.

Wisq builds leadership skills and improves manager emotional intelligence through an AI-powered guide personalized to the individual and delivered in the moment of need.

Supercharge manager success.

Help managers be their very best.

With Wisq, managers learn new skills and lead more successful teams with actionable guidance and expert advice that’s personalized to their strengths and needs.

Be ready for whatever comes up.

Wisq is with managers through it all. From tough talks to setting team expectations, routine tasks to rare challenges, leaders have an expert for every moment.

Give them a guiding light. Wisq reveals blind spots and helps managers focus on what really matters through team feedback, assessments and coaching.

Deliver training with perfect timing.

Through personalized nudges, follow-ups, and calendar integration, Wisq delivers timely support to help managers make positive habits second nature.

Keep the playbook, change the game.

Wisq ingests your existing content and delivers it in the moment it's needed, ensuring your people act in ways that align with your policies, practices, and principles.

Wisq wherever you are. Managers stay connected and engaged thanks to effortless integration with your existing workspace. Wisq is available in several languages and accessible on Slack, Teams, mobile, desktop and web.

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Unlock key development opportunities for everyone.

Confidential, aggregated analytics and insights reveal the topics and developmental areas gaining traction across your organization, so it’s easier to see where to focus your energy.

There are some moments you can’t train for.