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Happy teams start with Wisq.

There's a new way to build connection.

Wisq was built on the belief that coworkers should be able to get to know each other in a fun, casual space designated for connection. When you connect with your coworkers, you’re more likely to feel happy at work.


Meet at the digital watercooler.

The Wisq feed is where employees can come together, connect with old friends and build new relationships. It's where all your group and general posts come together alongside smart prompts and nudges to spark lively conversation.

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Connect around shared interests.

Create and join groups on topics that are important to you. Popular groups in Wisq communities include Dogs vs. Cats (dogs, obviously), Swifties, Book Club, and LGBTQIA+.

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Hop in and hang out in audio lounges.

Taking a break not only connects your team, but boosts productivity and creativity. Help your team reach their potential by offering a casual space to connect and take a break. Audio lounges are perfect for impromptu catch-ups, lunch breaks, happy hours, and ERG meetings.

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Spark casual conversations with Coffee Chats.

Make new friends and strengthen existing relationships across teams with impromptu conversations based on shared interests. Help new hires onboard faster, reduce social isolation among remote workers, and reduce geographical and team barriers.

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Connection AI

Remove functional silos with Wisq's Connection AI.

With Wisq’s discovery engine, the smart feed, and coffee chats, employees automatically connect across the org chart to foster creativity and collaboration. Smart nudges and prompts keep your team active and engaged in the Wisq platform.

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