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Belonging matters.

In 2020, a global pandemic overturned our day-to-day and dramatically shifted the concept of being “at work.” As we adjusted to dining room desks and bedroom offices, we got a daily reminder of the blurry lines between life and work.

Despite the ability to stay digitally connected, many people felt more detached from each other. Work changed, and yet our need for shared experiences remained. Research shows that this sense of belonging is essential to our social well-being and our productivity at work.

Enter Wisq. A space for all the social moments that make work better.

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According to a report by the Institute of Leadership and Management, building close relationships with colleagues was the most important factor in determining job satisfaction.

Institute of Leadership and Management

“Social connections impact employee happiness, job satisfaction and employer loyalty, and are critical factors at a time when people are quick to jump ship to the next opportunity. It is incumbent that business leaders foster authentic social moments as an essential part of the workday."

- Jim Barnett, Wisq CEO

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A sense of belonging at work was linked to a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in turnover risk, and a 75% reduction in sick days.

Harvard Business Review