No one should lead alone.

Give every manager an AI-powered guide that delivers personalized coaching, real-time guidance and expert advice precisely when they need it.

Managers need more. They're struggling to develop the leadership skills they need to be successful. Give every manager an effective, personalized guide that takes their capabilities and your business to new heights.

Help them bring their A-game.

Wisq helps managers rise to the occasion of career-defining moments by delivering expert coaching and guidance right when they need it. With always-on personalized coaching, your people can learn and lead faster than ever before.

Make the most of your content. 

Wisq combines your content with industry best practices, delivering the right guidance, right on time. Managers learn consistently and in lockstep with your organization’s established practices, policies and principles.

See the big picture and the small details.

Wisq gives users valuable coaching insights and delivers anonymized, company-wide analytics to help HR leaders understand broader team opportunities.

A little nudge goes a long way.

Customized nudges, reminders and recommendations help managers stay on track while calendar integration makes it simple for them to block off time, schedule coaching sessions or take a few minutes to learn something new.

Chosen by exceptional leaders.

Josh Bersin

Developing leadership capabilities is an essential part of corporate training. AI guides and assistants that can provide this much needed support will have a dramatic impact on the learning and coaching markets, and Wisq is poised to emerge as a leader.

Josh Bersin

Founder and CEO, The Josh Bersin Company

Jeff Weber

The Xevant team was drawn to the hyper-personalization that Wisq provides, the way the AI guide gets to know each manager as an individual and provides specific, actionable guidance so they can achieve their goals and support those of their employees.

Jeff Weber

Chief Operations and People Officer, Xevant