Give them a culture they won’t want to leave

Wisq is an employee experience engine that helps companies create exceptional cultures.
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Create a culture of belonging

  • Enable employee connection with the curated feed - where group and general posts come together. Create Groups, where employees come together around shared interests.
  • Empower culture champs and ERG leaders to create, promote and connect with the Wisq Events Hub.
  • Drive connection faster with the Wisq CoPilot, our proprietary AI which automatically connects employees and surfaces shared interests.

Wisq users have half the likelihood of regrettable attrition.


Wisq users are 23% more likely to report confidence in leadership after using the Wisq platform.

Wisq Customer Research, October 2022.

Wisq users are 20% more likely to report increased collaboration after using the Wisq platform.


Connect across teams and time-zones

  • Bring all your locations together with the Wisq feed, lounges, groups, coffee-chats, and events.
  • Bridge the divide between remote, hybrid, and in-office workers through shared cultural moments and bonding activities.
  • Support in-office days with coordinated events and activities, organized in Wisq’s Event Hub.
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Strengthen DEIB efforts

  • Create a safe space for your company’s ERGs with Wisq public and private groups.
  • Empower your culture champs to create, discover and promote with upcoming events with visibility across the organization.
  • Make it easy for ERG leaders to track member activity and engagement so they can advance your organization’s mission.

Transform the new hire experience

  • Roll new hires into onboarding cohorts with groups and events, and celebrate their arrival with discovery and introductions, offering them full organizational visibility.
  • Create 1-1 connection through Coffee Chats based on shared interests.
  • Support new-to-role hires and new managers with peer connection and skills matching.
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Create a culture of recognition

  • Share polls and postcards, create fun ways for employees to interact and connect.
  • Support your people-first culture by celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries.
  • Create kudoboards to take recognition to the next level.
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“Wisq helps us to bring the amazing and unique stories of all our great employees together to build a stronger foundation for our culture and our individual and collective success.”
Amy Lavoie
VP of People Success, Torch
“Our team was looking for a way to recreate in-person conversation and casual, fun moments, and through Wisq, we’re meeting this need and getting to know colleagues across teams, departments and time zones like never before.”
Richard Deal
Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, FICO
“We tried Zoom happy hours, Friday connections in Slack, and a few other things, but none of them went anywhere. Wisq brings everyone together in an unforced, real way. I find myself connecting again”
Wisq user