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Connection in the workplace matters more than ever.

We've gained a lot from distributed work: greater autonomy and independence, more flexibility, and a diversity of colleagues across time zones. But we’ve lost something too. Wisq is making those human interactions — the sharing, the connections, the quick meet-ups, the weekend debriefs — possible again. It’s time to bring connection back to the workplace.

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Share more than a screen.

Your co-workers should be more than a floating head on a video call or a name you tag on a productivity board.

Learn more about your teammates and what makes them unique with dedicated profiles, groups around shared interests, and conversation starters.

Start connecting

Wisq users have half the likelihood of regrettable attrition.

Wisq Customer Research, October 2022.

Wisq users are 23% more likely to report confidence in leadership after using the Wisq platform.

Wisq Customer Research, October 2022.

Wisq users are 20% more likely to report increased collaboration after using the Wisq platform.

Wisq Customer Research, October 2022.
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Connect across teams and time zones.

Reach across departments and time zones and meet with people across your organization.

Post about your day, have a conversation with your colleagues, join a public or private group, celebrate birthdays, and welcome new colleagues. Wisq is your space to connect, share and feel you belong.

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“Wisq helps us to bring the amazing and unique stories of all our great employees together to build a stronger foundation for our culture and our individual and collective success.”
Amy Lavoie
VP of People Success, Torch
“Our team was looking for a way to recreate in-person water cooler conversation and casual, fun moments of socialization, and through Wisq, we’re meeting this need and getting to know colleagues across teams, departments and time zones like never before.”
Richard Deal
Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, FICO

Better Together.

The possibilities are endless when you start connecting. From new-found connections to meaningful mentors and long-lasting support systems, you’ll find yourself thriving when work is more social.

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Turn your workplace into a happy place.

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